Beautiful From Head To Toe

My name is Maddy and I am 16. I have gone through a lot in my short 16 years, I have been bullied, beaten up, and pretty much what every other teenage girl has grown up with in this generation. But I am stronger than ever, I am here to share my thoughts and story to hopefully inspire you to be strong and to get through pretty much everything. Maddy x


Depression on a daily basis.

Many teenagers have gone through or go through depression,  depression is a low mood that has a negative effect on a persons thoughts, feelings, behaviour, the way they see things and physical well being. 

Depressed people may feel hurt, empty, helpless, guilty or restless. When you are depressed you lose interest in things you once enjoyed, you lose your appetite, you overreact a lot, have a hard time concentrating, remembering things, making decisions and all this can lead to suicide if it all gets to hard or stressful. 

Teenage suicide is a huge deal in the last few generations that have gone by. Almost 70% of teenagers who suffer from depression don’t seek for help or treatment for their condition. Teenagers don’t have a continuous depression, it comes and goes every once in a while, so they have their good and bad days but not always bad days. 

Most teens try to help themselves by turning to drugs and alcohol, these two things can either help your situation or make it worse but once your all sobered up again all you will want is to keep doing it to make themselves feel better or to just forget about how they feel, which makes teenagers dependent over these substances which then leads to addiction. 

Teenagers need help from one another not to bully each other because one day you may say one bad thing to someone and they may not wake up the next morning. Just be careful on what you say to other people because you never know what they are going through.

- Maddy x

That feeling you get.

Have you ever realized when you wear one of your outfits whether it is old or new, how it may change the way you feel and see yourself? For example you may put on a nice dress and instantly you feel more attractive just because of what your wearing. 

Since clothing makes us feel more beautiful, outgoing or even more popular, what you wear reflects on our personality in many different ways. We can choose clothes that makes us feel better about ourselves. Clothing is a part of our everyday life, from the day we were born to the day we die. 

We choose to wear clothes that makes us feel better about ourselves instead of just throwing something on and not feeling completely comfortable with our appearance. Everyday i dress like i was to see royalty on the street, whether it is going to the cinemas, the grocery store or even just going to a friends house i choose to wear something that people would look and me and think wow she looks nice or maybe she is beautiful.  Most people like the feeling of receiveing compliments on the way they dress, this enhances their self esteem. Everyone craves attention and most people get attention through how they dress. Fashion is a well known way to boost your self esteem. 

Some people may wake up in the morning and just choose something quickly and leave but most people including myself take a long time or put a lot of thought into what they wear for the day. Your beautiful and sometimes the only way to see that in yourself is to dress your best and remind yourself you really are pretty. 

- Maddy x